Our Extensive Approach in Medical and Healthcare IT Services

We excel in providing industry specific healthcare portal development services and we have immense experience in providing specialized Healthcare IT Services to beat diverse needs of medical patients and provide them quick solution in a cost-effective manner. We have special dedicated resources for Healthcare Portal Development like web portal development and app development approach and quick project execution process have made us top of the line in this domain.

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Our area of expertise in Healthcare Portal Development is vast with several successful projects executions. Our team is expert on the theme and understands the exact requirements of the industry. With profound industry based experience, we have gained great confidence in our Healthcare Services and we believe in our quality delivery.

  • Healthcare Web Portal
  • Patient Care App
  • Hospital Reputation Management
  • Appointments Scheduler App
  • Medical Billing Solution
  • Website Design
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We Provide A Range Of Services In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Mobile App Development

  • Doctor Appointments Booking App Development
  • Native and Web Apps Development for Healthcare Companies
  • B2B Apps Development for Healthcare Companies
  • B2C Apps Development for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare Website Development Solutions

  • Virtual Healthcare Website Development
  • Healthcare Multi-Vendor Store Development
  • Hospital Management Portal Development
  • Medicine eCommerce Portal Development

Patient Leverage Portal Development

  • Accessible Treatment Plans
  • Easy to Book Appointment System
  • Online Billing System
  • Online Specialist Consultations

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

  • Instant Access to EHR and EMR Data
  • Quick Consultations with a Physician
  • Feedback and Assessment Forms
  • Back office Management Solution

Main Features for Healthcare Service Includes

We are committed to being your shoulder to lean on and providing honest advice for your loved one’s situation during this delicate time.

Easy Registration/Login

One of the most important function of the Healthcare Portal Development is to create an easy registration process for the users.

Location-Based Tracking

Healthcare IT services based projects also provide an additional feature of providing the location-based tracking system.

Remote Appointments

Another very convenient feature is that of booking remote appointments online, which is developed by our team.

One-Touch Call

The one-touch call feature is very convenient in case of emergencies and urgent assistance and it adds value to the portal.

Secure Patient Records

Our healthcare website development services include development of a record system, which saves complete patient record and history in a secure way.

Online Chat Feature

Our dedicated healthcare IT Services includes development of chat-bots and online automated chat feature, which can provide information to the users and direct their requests.

Dosage Calculator

Patients are also assisted with the automated dosage calculator feature which calculates the dosage on the basis of previous records and history based algorithms.

Payment Gateway

Healthcare web development services include integration of payment gateway in websites and portal to make convenient for the users to clear bills online.


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