Welcome BERT : Google AI Algorithm Update 2019

Welcome BERT : Google AI Algorithm Update 2019

Rolling Out.

BERT started rolling out from October 2019 and is completely live now. Currently it is live for English language queries now and soon it will be expanded to other languages in the future.

Featured Snippets.

This new update is also impact featured snippets in google search. Google said BERT is going to be used globally, in all languages and on featured snippets as well.

What is BERT?

Taking NLP (natural language processing) to the Next Level, It is Google’s neural network-based technique for (NLP) pre-training. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. In short, BERT now can help computers understand language a bit more like humans do.

Google said BERT has better understanding of nuances and different context of words in search engine and can match better for queries with more relevant results.

Let’s take an example, Google said, with a search for “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa,” the word “to” and its relationship to the other words in query are important for understanding the meaning. Previously, Google bots wouldn’t understand the importance of this connection and would return results about U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil. “With BERT, Search is able to grasp this wrong phrase and know that the very common word “to” actually matter a lot here, and we can provide a much more relevant result for this query,” Google explained.

Note: The examples below are for illustrative purposes and may not work in the live search results.

Can we optimize for BERT?

It is not like that. Google has announced SEO can’t really optimize for RankBrain. But it does mean Google is getting better at understanding natural languages. Google said, just write content for users, like you always do. This is Google’s big efforts at better understanding of the searcher’s query and matching it better to get more relevant results.

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